Tulsa media erroneously reports San Diego Comic Con Pedobear was ‘registered sex offender’

Sunday, September 19, 2010

A miscommunication between the Tulsa Police Department in Oklahoma, US and a Tulsa TV reporter has led to a man dressed as “Pedobear” at the San Diego Comic Con being erroneously labeled as a “registered sex offender.”

A recent story about police departments warning parents to beware of an Internet joke called “Pedobear” took a dark turn on Tuesday, when a Tulsa television station alerted the public that a “registered sex offender” was dressing up as the mascot, and handing out candy to children at family-friendly events. “A registered sex offender was spotted dressed as a Japanese cartoon character called ‘Pedobear’,” reported the FOX 23 news broadcast that evening. “That happened in San Diego at a comics conference, at an event that attracts plenty of families.”

However, the report was incorrect, and the man escorted out of the San Diego Comic Con in July was not a registered sex offender at all. “I did say it to the reporter,” admitted Tulsa Police Sgt. John Adams. “It was bad information, a miscommunication.”

Adams added, “We have the Tulsa State Fair coming up, and we wanted to let parents know about potential dangers.”

This report gave credence to the rapidly-spreading story of the menacing Pedobear, a satirical cartoon bear that has come to represent paedophilia on the Internet. According to some law enforcement agencies, Pedobear is being used by paedophiles to indicate their sexual interests to one another. They also assert that paedophiles may be dressing up as cute mascots, as a way to get close to children.

These assertions have been widely ridiculed on the Internet. The Huffington Post wrote, “He isn’t, in any way, a mascot or supporter for pedophilia.” The Internet meme originated on the website 4chan, where it was used to mock overly sexualized images of children. Often, an image of Pedobear was added to the offending posting, with the message, “Pedobear approves of this post.”

From there, the meme moved out onto the wider Internet, where it has been repeatedly used as a shorthand way of saying that people were being inappropriate about children. During the Roman Catholic Church’s sex scandal, Pedobear was often used to mock the church. A Polish newspaper mistakenly ran an image of Pedobear alongside the 2010 Vancouver Olympics mascots, much to the delight of Internet jokesters.

Police in California misunderstood the meaning of Pedobear, and the San Luis Obispo Sheriff’s Department began warning parents in public information fliers that Pedobear was an indication of paedophiles nearby. The story has become an Internet-wide sensation over the past few days, as in-the-know bloggers and reporters began to mercilessly ridicule the police department’s actions in the name of protecting children.

It “made them the laughing stock of the internet,” reported UK tabloid The Daily Mail on Monday.

Despite the overwhelming scorn heaped on the California law enforcement agencies on the Internet, the Tulsa, Oklahoma police department took the warning seriously, reissuing the public information warning, and mistakenly telling reporters that San Diego Comic Con Pedobear costume was being worn by a convicted “sex offender.”

The Tulsa Police Department and FOX News 23 have since issued retractions, but the warnings to watch out for Pedobear continue on other Tulsa-area media outlets.

Former ‘Top Model’ contestant Whitney Cunningham defends plus size models, celebrates the “regular woman”

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Once you get a chance to talk to West Palm Beach, Florida native Whitney Cunningham, who placed seventh on the eighth cycle of the popular reality TV series America’s Next Top Model, you begin to understand what host Tyra Banks meant when she described her as the “full package.”

First of all, she is confident and headstrong, which is a must on these kinds of shows, almost as much as it is to take a beautiful modelesque picture. Second, she turns that confidence into drive. She has been receiving steady work as a model since leaving the show, and still believes that her goal of being the first woman to wear a size ten dress on the cover of Vogue is in reach. Third, and probably most important to television viewers, she obliterates the age-old model stereotype that to be pretty and photograph well, one must also be vapid and without a thought. A graduate of Dartmouth College, Cunningham also dreams of becoming a writer, and is working toward dual goals: a model who can express herself like no other model before her.

Cunningham recently sat down with Wikinews reporter Mike Halterman in an impassioned interview, taking hours to field questions from the reporter as well as from fans of America’s Next Top Model. Always in high spirits, Cunningham shows that she is a distinct personality who has carved her own niche in the Top Model history books. At the same time, she exhibits a joie de vivre that is oddly reminiscent of earlier Top Model fan favorite Toccara Jones, who showed America just how to be “big, black, beautiful and loving it.” However, Cunningham is quick to remind everyone that she isn’t big at all; she is simply a regular woman.

This is the first in a series of interviews with America’s Next Top Model contestants. Interviews will be published sporadically.


  • 1 Whitney’s beginnings, and looking back
  • 2 Impact Top Model has on society
  • 3 Whitney’s views on production and editing
  • 4 Whitney takes more fan questions
  • 5 Where Whitney is today
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Let Your Business Talk To The World By Using Website Translation

You have spent a fortune on building a lovely website that tells the world about your business. You have hired the most talented marketing experts to market your products. Your sales team is in overdrive to make more sales. Yet you find that you have lagged behind your competitors in terms of revenues. Why does this happen? This is due to the fact that your website is in English, which is not spoken by majority of people around the world. Normally people are comfortable in doing business with those businesses who can communicate in their language. This is one factor that makes you lose out on business and affect your revenues. To remedy this situation, it is important for you to approach a website translation company.


A company providing website translation service must have EN 15038 certification. EN 15038 is the certification developed by CEN, the European Committee for Standardization, to monitor the quality levels provided by the translation company. Many European businesses that outsource their translation jobs have made this certification mandatory.  So it is always advisable to choose the translation company having this certification. But this is not the sole factor that you should take into account when selecting a translation company. Here are some other major points that are equally important.

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How to choose the right company for website translation?:


  • What are the other certifications awarded to the translation company besides EN 15038? Does it have ISO 9001 certification? Selecting the company with these credentials will ensure you get the highest level of quality.
  • Has the translation company hired native speakers of the language in which the translation has to be done? E.g. are you planning to translate your website into Russian? If so, is the staff working on your translation project native Russian speakers? The quality of the translation carried out by native Russian speaker is much better than that done by the non-native Russian speaker.
  • Does your website have specialized content, like finance? If so, does the translation company have finance experts on board? Many non-expert translators will not be able to translate financial terms accurately, causing problems for you later on.
  • Are you interested in outsourcing your website translation to an overseas translation company? If so, is the company ready to accept your preferred payment method? Certain companies may insist you pay them by wire transfer, which you may not prefer to do so.
  • Is the translation company ready to provide your preferred hardware and software platform for your translation? E.g. if you want to translate your website into Oracle for Unix, the company should offer this service.


The key to successful business overseas is to design your website carefully, so that the overseas customers feel closely related to your business. This can be done by choosing the correct translation company, only to watch your sales grow exponentially.

Article Source: sooperarticles.com/business-articles/let-your-business-talk-world-using-website-translation-4251.html

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Ontario Votes 2007: Interview with Green Party candidate John Ogilvie, Carleton—Mississippi Mills

Sunday, October 7, 2007

John Ogilvie is running for the Green Party of Ontario in the Ontario provincial election, in the Carleton—Mississippi Mills riding. Wikinews’ Nick Moreau interviewed him regarding his values, his experience, and his campaign.

Stay tuned for further interviews; every candidate from every party is eligible, and will be contacted. Expect interviews from Liberals, Progressive Conservatives, New Democratic Party members, Ontario Greens, as well as members from the Family Coalition, Freedom, Communist, Libertarian, and Confederation of Regions parties, as well as independents.

20,000 Californian state workers may lose their jobs

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

On Tuesday, the US state of California announced it is ready to notify approximately twenty thousand state workers that they are being laid off. The announcement was made by a spokesman for California’s governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. The cuts would begin at the start of the fiscal year on July 1.

This comes after California lawmakers voted down a budget worth US$40 billion last weekend.

“In the absence of a budget, the governor has a responsibility to realise state savings any way he can,” said Aaron McLear, Schwarzenegger’s spokesman. “This is unfortunately a necessary decision.”

The state is also planning to put all remaining public work projects on hold, which could cost thousands of construction workers their jobs.

California has the world’s eighth largest economy. It has suffered from unemployment and the housing crisis, with Schwarzenegger declaring a fiscal emergency last December.

“We are dealing with a catastrophe of unbelievable proportions,” said Alan Lowenthal, a Democratic state senator from Long Beach.

The budget plan consisted of $11.4 billion in borrowing, $14.4 billion for temporary increases in taxes, and $15.1 billion dedicated for program cuts. The package initially appeared to have enough support to reach the two-thirds majority needed to make the bill a law, but fell short by a single vote. The Assembly was at one point in session for thirty hours, breaking the record for the longest legislative session in the history of the state.

Many Republican lawmakers say they disagree with the tax increases that are included as part of the budget package.

Should the California senate have approved the budget plan?
Add or view comments

“People don’t realize where California is at — people are losing homes, people are losing jobs,” said Republican state senator Abel Maldonado.

“You’re not going to go back to the people’s pocketbooks to fuel that spending,” added Republican state senator Dennis Hollingsworth from Temecula.

Senate leader Darrell Steinberg wants another session on Tuesday, saying that he would put up the tax provisions of the budget proposal for a vote. “Bring a toothbrush, bring any necessities you want to bring, because I will not allow anyone to go home to resume their lives […] as long as we know […] that 20,000 people will be laid off,” he warned.

BBC spends £3.4m on sell-off

Friday, June 27, 2008

Newspaper The Guardian reports today that the sale of the BBC subsidiary BBC Resources Ltd., has cost £3.4m in consultancy fees — over £1m more than the £2.3m trading profit the commercial division is estimated to have made for the last financial year. Details of the failed privatisation were released by the BBC following a freedom of information request, and prior to publication of its annual report on July 8.

Fourteen months after advisers were appointed to try to sell BBC Resources Ltd., only one of the three main business units has been sold — its Outside Broadcast division to Satellite Information Services Limited (SIS), for an estimated £20m. On March 7, 2008 it was also announced that the studios operation would remain in BBC ownership and in early June, the fate of the third business was put on hold with the BBC stating that “like Studios, Post Production will remain within BBC Resources, which will continue to operate as a wholly-owned commercial subsidiary of the BBC.”

BBC Resources Ltd. made an operating profit of £6.1m for 2005-06, down from £7.4m the year before, with the BBC accounting for 83.3% of its turnover, down from 87.4% for 2004-05. Last year’s published figure for 2006-07 was £5.2 million — with BBC business at 80% of turnover.

BECTU Assistant General Secretary Luke Crawley is quoted as saying: “It’s fairly outrageous that around half the profit of the company [announced last year] has been spent trying to sell it. It’s an inordinate amount of money. The BBC was promised big returns if it sold BBC Resources but it’s only managed to sell outside broadcasts and we do not know how much it made out of that. We think the £3.4m is a poor investment.”


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Payday Loan Fast Cash Help For Individuals With Bad Credit Record

Submitted by: Marie Mardeko

Are you in need of immediate financial aid and are your low credit score and bad credit record turning out to be huge obstacle to unravel your financial trouble? What can you do in these circumstances? Well, now you can easily apply for short term payday loans for bad credit and have the liberty of cash. At the moment, you do not have to borrow cash from friend and relatives and go through embarrassing situation. There are now a number of payday loan lenders available in the virtual world, which is working to help people with bad credit record.

This monetary arrangement provides fast cash help in the middle or during the end of the month. Salaried class people can simply have a loan of cash for short term period. This line of credit provides with fast cash which can range from $100 to $1500 with repayment periods of 7 to 21 days. The loan amount can be used for a number of reasons which take account of small finance needs like paying off the pending utility bills like telephone or electricity bills, the rent of the home, settling credit card dues, a surprise anniversary party for your spouse, repairing car or home appliances, medical bills and school fees among others.

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There are a few criteria though before you lay your hands on the payday loan amount. These take account of, the applicant should be permanent resident or citizen of US having a valid social security number and his/her age should be above 18 years. Apart from this the applicant should have stable job with a reputed company and his/her job should provide him/her with a monthly salary of $1000 or more as a minimum. Besides, he/she will need an active checking account to receive this cash help directly from the lender and as well to repay the loan amount when it is due.

Coming to the interest rates, payday loans are short term unsecured loans and do not require any collateral, hence, the lenders do charge very high interest rates to compensate for the risk taken. Besides this, the interest rates and the loan amount will mostly depend upon your repayment ability and monthly income. Although, the interest rates remain very high however a comprehensive research on the internet will help you in getting lower and reasonable interest rates. You can always ask for free loan quotes which will be useful to know the things in healthier manner.

In view of the fact that payday loans are in particular planned for the bad credit people hence bad credit reputation is not an issue. So, people who having several bad credit records such as bankruptcy, delayed payments, defaults, arrears, CCJs, and so on can apply for this financial aid and can obtain fast cash help. Besides, every time these bad credit record holders pay back the loan on time they benefit from improved credit score as these repayments show on their credit record. Finally a word of caution, always pay off these payday loans on time, as late payments incur heavy penalties that can lead to defaults, which will further push down your credit score.

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Check Fico Credit Score Free And With No Hassles

By Kellie Purden

Knowledge is a very powerful instrument. Being aware of something can help anyone stay on top of the game and have a clear plan of what to do in the future. This holds true even when dealing with finances. It is not enough to be able to maintain a decent pay and to allocate resources accordingly. Credit is an important part of one’s financial status; thus, it is essential to know once credit score. What keeps others from doing this is fear of shelling out funds for obtaining their credit report. Luckily, there are ways to check FICO credit score free. Here’s how.

There are several options as to how one can check FICO credit score free. The first is to obtain it directly from the three credit bureaus. However, this may take time and there is a short window for the free trial offer. Thus, with this option, one might not be able to obtain a credit report without exceeding the free trial period. In addition, it would take more time signing up for each of the three credit bureaus just to obtain all three reports. The only advantage is that one can obtain his credit score directly from the three bureaus, nothing else.

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Another alternative in order to check FICO credit score free is by signing up for such online services. Nowadays, one can easily find a website that offers to provide free credit report from all three credit bureaus with just one sign up. Since there are a lot of sites offering these services, one should be able to choose using the following considerations: safety, quality of service, credit repair services. If one is serious in getting a good credit score, obtaining one’s current credit report is only the first step. Once it is obtained, one should be ready to take action in terms of correcting or disputing incorrect items in order to get a better credit rating in the future.

Once one is able to check FICO credit score free, he will be able to know where he currently stands. Banks and creditors check one’s credit score in order to determine whether a person is qualified for a loan and mortgage. In addition, one’s credit score will determine the applicable interest rates for a particular loan or mortgage. This is why one should first obtain a copy of his credit report before applying for any loan. Once the credit report has been sent to a bank and is used to evaluate a loan, it will take a long time to dispute an incorrect item.

There are a lot of advantages when one has the initiative to check FICO credit score free. The most important aspect is that one will be able to fully control his finances and will be able to get the best rates for a loan or mortgage. In these trying times, lower interest rates really mean a lot and it can help someone take control of his finances better. In addition, it would be frustrating to know that one is paying a higher interest rate just because he failed to check or get a copy of his credit report prior to applying for a loan.

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Australian charged with murder of two after 24 years

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Robert Penny, 83, yesterday was charged with the murder of his wife Margaret Penny and hairdresser Claire Acocks, twenty four years after their deaths at the Old London Coiffure hair salon in Portland, Victoria in Australia.

Mr Penny was charged by homicide detectives after a revived investigation found Penny had disclosed details of the women’s deaths to various people, that he could only have known firsthand. He allegedly told Mrs Acocks’s husband the morning after her death that she was killed with a comb, and “died very quickly”; police found no weapon at the scene in 1991.

The prosecution also alleges Mr Penny revealed details of the murders in phone calls to both his son and daughter in the hours following the attack, again referring to the use of a tail-comb as the weapon. Investigators at the time initially believed there may have been two weapons, and Homicide Detective Senior Constable Tom Hogan told the court “it would have been impossible for him or any of the police to understand the ­nature of the injuries” before an autopsy was carried out.

The court also heard evidence of a covertly recorded phone conversation between Mr Penny and his granddaughter in February 2014, in which he said “Would a hitman pick up a comb and kill two women?”.

Mr Penny was released on bail due to poor health, under conditions including surrender of his passport. He is due to face court again in July.

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